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#1 2008-10-21 10:55:30


Propanal to propyl acetate roadmap problem

Yahoo Answers

Substance A was reacted with sodium borohydride (in ethanol) and the resulting substance B was then treated with sodium metal, yielding substance C. Substance C was then reacted with acetyl chloride to give a product D (with molecular formula C5H10O2). Spot tests on A and B converted a deep purple acidic KMnO4 solution to colourless solutions with a brown precipitate, but A didnt react with sodium Bicarbonate solution. Compound D also has a distinct fruity smell.

What is the name of compound A?

Here is the chemistry behind these reactions. I won't provide a dialog to match the question, but I think you can follow it.

What is behind all of these reactions is a rational as to why they occur. They constitute the reaction mechanisms. I believe that is the most effective way to learn organic chemistry. I suggest you can learn reaction mechanisms with "A Guide to Organic Chemistry Mechanisms" (, Barnes and Noble or ).



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