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#1 2008-11-30 08:49:50


Can anyone recommend me some good Organic Chemistry books

Yahoo Answers chemistry wrote:

Q: I'm taking an Organic Chemistry class and we use most of the time McMurry's textbook. It is overall a great book, but it's weak in some aspects (reaction mechanisms, few examples, etc.). Can anyone recommend me some good Organic Chemistry books for a future chemist? (aid books are ok too)

I wish I had the notoriety to have others recommend our book. However, until that occurs, I must pump it up myself.

The book is "A Guide to Organic Chemistry Mechanisms" (, Barnes and Noble or ). You can see classroom results at the website.

The book is a guided inquiry style book. You will find a series of examples present that I guarantee you can solve. They are then repeated at a greater level of difficulty and by doing so, everyone can succeed in learning reaction mechanisms. You can learn more about guided inquiry at the POGIL website, Compare their results with our results.

Yahoo Answers chemistry wrote:

A: Instead of a book, take a memory course. Organic is so much memory. Once you have mastered several hundred to several thousand items, then you can start to be good in organic. Been there, done that. I sucked at organic because I didn't have a good memory for the thousands of compounds and methods for making them.

I just noticed another post in which a good memory was suggested. That strategy is one of the two common ways to learn ochem.

Use your memory if logic doesn't apply. Use reasoning to avoid rote memory. That is precisely why I have been trying to promote my book. My class average on the ACS ochem exam improved by 20+ percentile points. That is like everyone being given a full letter grade increase, but I didn't do this through generosity. Compared to other classes, these students knew more.

The development of the book came from learning why students were not answering mechanism questions when given the answers two weeks before the exam. Simply, the mechanisms are too complex to just memorize. However, they are linked by logic. Getting students to follow the logic markedly improves the scores. This book succeeds in doing that.



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